Papilio Niger’s Lab Adventures

Today a little experiment: I bought rhubarb juice.  THAT doesn’t exist? – Well, yes, for sure it does. And I am going to try it!

Two possibilities:

  1. It’ is bitter … sour … well rhubarb-without-sugar like and I will be running around with a cramped mouth for the rest of the evening.
  2. It is sweet as hell.

The juice is clear (forgot to shake *gg*) and at least smells like the real stuff, not like some kind of lemonade.

Edit: it is good, but not too god. Nothing you really have to try. In the beginning it tastes like real rhubarb, but that is quickly covered by all the sugar thats in this drink.


Out of shape

I haven’t been to kendo training for weeks. AGAIN! Shame on me! Well, this time it was mostly due to my firefighting workshop: Monday-Wednesday-Friday+other days.

This monday and tonight, I went to training again: I am so totally out of shape! I have to try harder! More biking and less tram! (hopefully)…

Basic Training Part 1

Over the last few weeks I had my firefighter’s basic training. We learnt about the laws, our rights and duties, about our eauipment, technical details, why does it burn, how does it work, which dangers do we face and practical training. We had a really great supervisor.  And I passed as the best in class 😀 *YAY*

The only thing still missing: a First Aid course. The firefighters had a course before the basisc workshop, but I already promised to visit Mr Nicolaus, so I couldnt take part that weekend. I did a course at a NGO here this weekend. It was horrible! Really! I just spend a whole weekend on First Aid and I learnt almost nothing! Fuuuuuu!

Buying Shoes (Take II)

is still kind of impossible for me. Does anybody remember my post from last december?

I tried it again, I tried to buy some shoes for summer season. Guess what, I found none. High heels, incredibly tiny. Come on who knows a woman with size 7 or 7.5 for her shoes and her feet only lets say 5-6cm wide? Who knows a doctor, who can shape feet like that? Well, I don’t know any. So I am still looking for shoes. *gnaaaaaa*

Toe nail

About three months ago, I stubbed my toe while playing soccer with my firefighter buddies. I was playing with bare feet, because before being invited to join the soccer players I had been practicing iaido. Well I don’t need shoes, I stubb my toes on a regular basis and after playing the only thing that remained was a small haematome.

I did not think about it anymore, but just recently I almost amputated my toenail when taking of my socks. I really hope I didn’t wake the neighbours. So the nail was broken completely. I had to tape my toe, just to make sure I do not accidentially rip that piece of nail out.

Luckily, it fell off really fast!