Buying Shoes (Take II)

is still kind of impossible for me. Does anybody remember my post from last december?

I tried it again, I tried to buy some shoes for summer season. Guess what, I found none. High heels, incredibly tiny. Come on who knows a woman with size 7 or 7.5 for her shoes and her feet only lets say 5-6cm wide? Who knows a doctor, who can shape feet like that? Well, I don’t know any. So I am still looking for shoes. *gnaaaaaa*


2 thoughts on “Buying Shoes (Take II)

  1. There are still shoemakers making shoes. Well, might not be the cheapest pairs but at least they are made-to-measure. Be sure to check online catalogues order everything and return everythin nonfitting. There are some brands no one knows, such as Remonte Dorndorf or even no-names which are suprisingly good … sometimes 😉

  2. I have read about those, but honestly, I don’t want to spend a month’s wage on shoes 😉

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