Medieval Skirt

Mr Nicolaus and me went to the Hörnerfest music festival this year. I thought this was an medieval music festival and so I decided to sew some clothes: a long skirt and a sleeveless bliaut. (As far as I found out: a bliaut is a medieval women’s robe which is laced at the sides)

I still have to put some work in the bliaut because it doesn’t really fit yet. But I finished the skirt in time! The skirt is ankle length, made from black cotton and has four box pleads (two at the front and two at the back) which I made from red cotton. The box pleads run all the way from the waistband to the seam, so the waisband is laced. I bought the fabrics from a famous Swedish chain store 😉 at a ridiculously small price per meter. And I bought some pattern for a skirt, because I had no idea how to make a wasteband, that is formed to match a woman’s body.

First I had to change the pattern, as the skirts in the pattern featured an approximately 15cm wide waistband which reached up to the thigh. I reduced the width to 7cm and had it end just below my belly button.

Second I cut the single pieces for the waistband (all in all 8 times two because I inserted stiffener(?)). And the pieces for the skirt. The first try for the panels was disappointing but luckily I found out that combining two of the panels fit almost perfectly – which I only found out after quite some time trying to put things together. Next I cut out the panels for the box pleads, luckily those fit with my ideas.

The worst part was trying to put everything together. The manual for the pattern suggested to sew the waistband first, but that wouldn’t work for me because of the box pleads. After some trying I found the following order: first add two black panels together and sew them to the outer parts of the waistband, then add the box pleads and cut the black cloth that’s not needed anymore. Quite a puzzle, I can tell you. After putting everything together I added the inner parts of the waistband. Then I did the seam. And as a final touch I punched thread eyes through the waisband – 6 for every box plead and laced the skirt.

After some final ironing I put it on and it fit perfectly. Really. And of course I am really happy, that everything turned out well in the end.

On the weekend of the music festival the skirt was perfect: the sun was beating down, it was incredibly hot (I drank at least 10l in two days). I will try making some fotos and drawings.


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