Without Thinking

During jigeiko I usually do lots of thinking – which might keep me from other things but … that’s the way it is (I’m working on it).

But yesterday I really scared myself. I was doing jigeiko with my sensei and I suddenly did  tsuki without thinking the least little bit about it. I hit the right place on tsuki mune and nowhere else and it certainly wasn’t a perfectly good tsuki – but it was good enough for me. It was like:

*jigeiko: scream hit ….scream hit… jigeiko stuff*
me *tsuki!!!*
me *think*
me *thinking oopsie*

I really felt a little bad about that tsuki because I am very careful when it comes to this technique, because I know it is dangerous and it can hurt like hell (damn that experience). But in that situation it just felt right. And I didn’t get a complaint from sensei – maybe because I hit the right place 😀

About tsuki:
Why is this technique so fucking difficult? Well, try stabing a 5cmx5cm square at the height of your throat with a 120cm bamboo stick with an diameter of 2-3cm WHILE the square is moving and the person behind that square is moving and trying to hit you.
Why do I consider this technique to be so very dangerous? Tsuki is a stab to the throat. And although the throat is shielded, it is quite easy to get your shinai under that shield and hit the throat directly. And stabbing somebody’s throat is always very dangerous. Also, lots of people don’t do the technique correctly, so they will end up under one’s  lower jaw. Nice feeling… NOT! Also if tsuki is done from the side you might get hit on the adam’s apple, the collarbone or get nice scratches all along your throat. See?

jigeiko = fighting training one on one
tsuki = stab to the thoat
tsuki-mune = part of the men (mask) which shields the throat


Unsorted Thoughts II

Hey little sis! I can burp louder than you 😛

This blog has had more spam than articles… recently I can’t even read the messages anymore (some are funny!) because they are written in Cyrillic letters. Please use latin letters again! Domo.