Hannover – Ôsaka – Kyoto

I am (finally) back in Japan for some much needed vacation. Yesterday morning, we started from Hannover Airport and travelled to Ôsaka via Charles de Gaulle, Paris. The flight was nice and the cabin crew was really friendly. Unfortunately, in both planes the area around my seat was not really clean. Especially on the regional flight to Paris. I’m not quite sure whether it was tomato juice or vomit 😦 But the stewardess helped me to clean it up, so I won’t complain too much. (And I wrote an email to Air France, to which they didn’t have a chance to reply, yet.)

Arriving at the gate at Charles de Gaulle, we had to find out that our gate had been changed. And somehow certain people must find pleasure in sending passengers from on end of the terminal to the other. Although it stressed me out, there was actually no reason for this, as we had booked the flight with more than enough time between arrival from Hannover and boarding to Ôsaka.

The flight to Ôsaka was boring as hell. I cannot sleep in planes, it’s too loud and the plane moves too much. So I like to look out of the window or read. And this time, nobody came to make sure the window pane was closed the whole flight. Instead it was cloudy so I couldn’t see much. My boyfriend wasn’t all that bored – he entertained himself with the TV programme offered on the plane. Unfortunately, it didn’t entertain me. But luck was on my side while crossing China at night: the sky cleared and I got to see some nicely lit cities.

After landing and immigration, we got our Japan Rail Passes and proceeded to go to Kyoto by Haruka 12, a local express railway line. We agreed, that the Deutsche Bahn should send their cabin personel over to Japan for training: before checking the tickets, the steward went to the front of the coach and greeted all passengers with a bow. He was a bit delayed because one passenger had some sort of problem – so he apologized to the whole car for the wait. And every time crew members walked through the coach, they turned at the door and bowed to all passengers.

The next thing the DB could learn is being on time 😉

Fun fact: Kyoto is closer to Ôsaka than the Kansai International Airport (30min vs 45min)

After arriving in Kyoto, we tried to tour the city a bit, but after roughly 24 hours without sleep, we almost fell asleep walking. So we headed to out hotel and  took a much needed nap. In the evening, we went around town, looking for some nice restaurant. We were soaked but we had awesomely delicious tori nabe (chicken nabe) with soba.


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