Today, we visited Uji, a small town south of Kyoto, which is famous for green tea. Along the road to Byodo-in, every store sells tea or tea related products: bowls, sweets made with/from powdered green tea, and even green tea soba noodles. We tried roasted green tea, which a vendor made himself and bought some after we visited Byodo-in.

The Byodo-in is another villa-turned-temple. Its phoenix hall is famous and said to be very beautiful, but as they are replacing the roof tiles and are restoring the paintings inside it is currently closed for visitors. šŸ˜¦ In return the entry fee was halved, which was pretty nice. On the temple grounds, we visited the museum, which shows the history of the temple and currently exhibits half of the 52 flying buddhas which acompany the main buddha in the phoenix hall.

The 52 buddhas are to be replaced by copies which a sculptor is currently making and one of the copies could be touched. It is like a short ceremony and we even got a certificate for it. I think it’s fun how rituals are done here šŸ™‚


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