I wanted to visit Hiroshima for a long time, because I wanted to see the A-bomb dome and the Peace Memorial Museum. And that was basically all we did today.

After breakfast, we walked from our hotel to the A-bomb dome – which was a bit farther than we expected. The memorial is situated on a riverbank in a small park. On the one hand it is impressive to see, but on the other hand it seemed rather smallish and unimportant as many buildings around it are a lot larger than the dome.

After visiting the dome, we explored the Peace Memorial Park, which holds different memorial sites for victims of the atomic bomb. Almost all were decorated with fresh flowers and origami cranes.

Next stop was the Peace Memorial Museum. We spend over three hours in the museum and I think it is better to come for a shorter amount of time on two days. It is easier on the concentration. The museum does not only show remnants of the fateful bombing, but also details the development of Hiroshima from a feudal castle town to the buzzing modern city it was before the atomic bombing and the decisions which made Hiroshima the first target. The museum is impressive and especially the clothes and items and stories of people who died in the bombing and the suvivors can be really heart wrenching. But I really wanted to see this museum and it is worth while.


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