LARP Freak?

Today at my university’s cafeteria:

I guy wearing leather holstery containg one glass bottle with red fluid and another one with blue fluid on his belt. The holstery was embroided with a metal button with seemingly Viking knot pattern. Which roleplaying game had he been playing too much? WOW,  Sacred, Diablo,   …   well this list could be rather long.

Anyway, queueing up behind him for food, I really considered putting on my hood, pulling my Palestinian head scarf over my face, and poking him in the back yelling “back-stabbing”. Wearing all black I’d be a perfect D&D assassin ^^ Well, the 26-yo-me and the 2×13-yo-me had a quick rock-paper-scissors contest, which 26-yo-me won, so I didn’t do it. I think, I’ll do it next time. Even though I might not be allowed to sit with my colleagues that day. 😀


Master of Desaster

For the first time in my life I was master for my TBE group. We had just finished our last adventure and I believed, our master was not really good at being master. So he build a character and I took over being master.

At first I really liked the idea. I prepared, read the rules thouroughly and even found an adventure ( I did not make one up, we were playing by the book 😉 ). Everything fine! But as time drew nearer, things went downhill… Continue reading

Schwerer Patzer beim Fernkampf

Neulich beschäftigte meine DSA Runde folgende Frage:

Was passiert eigentlich wenn ein Fernkämpfer mit Bogen im Kapf einen schweren Patzer erleidet?

Antwort: Er lässt die falsche Seite des Bogens los und bricht sich am Bogenholz, das ihm ins Gesicht schlägt die Nase. Natürlich inklusive pantomimischer Umsetzung der Ideengeber. 😀

War wirklich lusitg, aber Cola die ob des Lachens durch die Nase entweichen will ist weniger lustig – eher schmerzhaft *grml*

Und dabei hatte unser Fernkämpfer Glück, und hat nicht schwer gepatzt…..

If an archer fumbles,….

… he might let go of the wrong part of his bow, which in turn breaks his nose upon impact with his face.

Of course, my fellow gamers did do some reenactment of the situation. Everybody thought it really funny – except me. (No, I do not play an archer!) I just took a good mouthful of coke! And trying not to shower my friends in it, it almost escaped through my nose… damnit, that hurt!