Christmas Market

Last weekend my parents dropped by to visit the famous Christmas market in my city. I really did not like the idea of visiting a Christmas market as famous as this one on a weekend. On weekends tourists are brought in by buses just to visit this special market because it is old and -uhm- famous. So it is always very crowded and after 5pm most visitors are drunk on mulled wine (Glühwein in English?). Basicallly you take part in the city’s biggest group cuddling activity.

Anyway, my parents wanted to go and so I was their guide on last Saturday. Luckily it was raining a little, so the market was less crowded than usual. (*hail the weather maker*) You could visit the stands and look at the displays without being either dragged along or crushed by the other onlookers. Rather nice. I found it quite relaxed, but my mother was shocked at how crowded the market was. She still believes I am trying to make fun of her, because I am telling her, that on normal weekends its much more crowded.

So after my parents both found the Christmas market too crowded, we visitied the medieval Christmas market. At first they did not want to go, because they are not in for all this “medieval whatever stuff”, but finally they liked the medieval market even more than the standard Christmas market. On weekends they have a theater group and musicians, so the atmosphere is really unique. We watched the performance of the theater group, which included singing and waving-arms-at-the-evil-overlord by the audience. We had a good laugh, some snacks and some nice warm drinks and then we went home.

On Sunday we cooked lunch together and my mother finally taught me a family dish. (One of my favourite dishes). I hope they come next year to spend a day at the medieval Christmas market again!


What a Weekend!

I had a really great weekend: my mother and my cousin celebrated their birthdays – so on Friday and Saturday night we had huge parties. Loads of food, alcohol, music, fun ad everything one could possibly need. So today is holiday. I have to get some sleep.