Girl Genius

For all those interested in technical stuff. Here is a really fine online comic about technical stuff. Everything engineers ever wanted!

Please have a look at: Girl Genius


Strange advertisment

I found this advertizment while searching for Terminal Choice lyrics:

Strange Advertisment

Strange Advertisment

Online Pharmacy, right? Well,… I kind of regret, that I was not searching for the lyrics for “Collective Suicide” – great if a pharmacy offers free sample tablets with my order! Maybe, the ad-placer of Google has some sick, black sense of humor – which I really like! 😀


Good: I bought a new set of bedclothes at a very big Swedish warehouse (hint). On the pillowcase is a line like from an ECG. (How do you call it? Honestly, I couldn’t even tell in German.) It’s green on black. And on the bedcover you have a person’s shape in green on black or in black on green on the other side.

Bad: A German DIY chain advertizes for coffee to go with “coffee too me”. Obviously they wanted to use the stores name in that (bold). But could one say that in English? To me it seems to be wrong, but English is not my mother tongue.

PS: I’ll post some photos soon.