Hownotto spend the night on Braunschweig Main Station…

I did something stupid. Really, really stupid – and luckily I only almost had to pay for it. 😀 *lucky me*

I gave myself a Iaito as a Christmas present – and of course I wanted to try it as soon as possible! Unfortunately, there is no Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido in Hannover, so I decided to visit the Löwen Dojo Braunschweig. They offer iaido. On Friday nights. I have a train ticket – my student transit pass, so: perfect. (You wish!)

After work I took the train to Braunschweig, which was already somewhat complicated: we have 20cm of snow. The first train available was already delayed by 30min – in terms of trains that means 35min, most probably more. At first the dely was only 20min, but that changed rapidly. So I took another train, and because I still had lots of time, I wasn’t nervous at all. This train was 2 min late in Braunschweig. So what? Who cares. *shrug*

In Braunschweig I learnt: last train back to Hannover 10.20pm. FUUUCKKK!!! Training ends at 10.00pm – I’ll have to leave early. Damnit! I still didn’t consider it a problem.

I waited about 10min in the freezing fucking cold wind for the bus, and about 20min later, I was at the gym. And then I tried to fin out, which bus to take home: like none. That was hwen I realized, I had not my way home! I started phoning my family, because I have realtives in Braunschweig, and my cousin said, he would drive me to the station, so I would reach my train back home. YAY! My family rocks!

But I was very,very lucky: Mr and Mrs Iai  have to drive past Braunschweig main station on his way home, so he dropped me off,  and I got my train home! My karma must be sky-high currently!

Training was awesome! We did basics to start with – everyone else’s strokes sounded *swoosh*, mine were silent, so I got lengthy corrections on my strokes and the footwork – then Seitei Iai Kata – I didn’t fail miserably – and for the rest of the training, we had free practice. I worked on the strokes and on ukenagashi, which is strikingly easy to do, if the foorwork is done correctly.I also learned how to do noto correctly: if you do it correctly it’s like “eaaasiyyyyyyy”. If you do it like I did before it’s more like “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Why won’t this $§§&$%”/(“!!!! WORK!!”

Although I was pretty frustrated because I felt, I did everything wrong, I really apprediate all the corrections and explanations. I learned a huge load of things and this training has really helped me alot.I am really looking forward to the next training 😀

Yesterday at my “private training” in the firefighter’s gym some strokes went *swoosh*. I did it I did it I did it. *bounce* At least I hope those strikes weren’t even worse than before 😀


First time with Obi

Today was a very special iaido session for me: I trained with an obi for the first time. And I made the Obi myself last weekend!

It felt really great, the bokuto is not travelling around all the time, but sits firmly on my hip. But now I really have to work on my sayabiki, as I had huge problems to draw my bokuto! The resistance against which I have to move the saya is much bigger than before. Anyway, it is good, I finally made an obi. Next step for now: get a sword. My trainer told me, he would send me some links to sources for swords, so I can start looking for one.

And I am really looking forward to getting a iaito. The my slashes can go “swiff” and “swoosh”, too! (And I don’t have to say “swiff” and “swoosh” anymore 😉 )

Beside that, my trainer is really critisizing alot. Must practice harder then.