Ich hab meine Shinai wieder gepflegt. Also auseinander gebaut, Spreißel abgemacht, geölt und so und aus meinem Fundus kaputte Streben aussortiert. Was soll ich sagen (auf gut neudeutsch): “ALTAAAA! Wasn krasser Scheiß!”

Und auf nicht-neudeutsch: was zur Hölle hab ich mit den Shinai gemacht, dass die so kaputt sind?!?

(Soll ich Fotos machen?)

Edit: Hab Fotos – aber vermisse mein Handydatenkabel -.- *ZONK*


Out of shape

I haven’t been to kendo training for weeks. AGAIN! Shame on me! Well, this time it was mostly due to my firefighting workshop: Monday-Wednesday-Friday+other days.

This monday and tonight, I went to training again: I am so totally out of shape! I have to try harder! More biking and less tram! (hopefully)…

Kendo Training 01-25

So much for new year resolutions! Last week I didn’t even join one training session. On Monday I was barely able to stand up straight due to being female and on Wednesday I horribly overslept and stayed late at work. Damnit.

But today, today I went to training. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well at all. I started feeling very sick during changing, but still didn’t want to skip training. I know – I am asking for something bad to happen. – So after the second round of kiri-kaeshi, I had to stop, because I could barely stand: I felt like I had to puke, I was shaking and had a gray tunnel closing in on me. Leckily I neither vomited nor collapsed, but I had to pause. After pausing I joined practice again – but I didn’t put on my men again. I still wonder why I feel so sick. Maybe I ate something wrong.

After re-joining practice I concentrated on doing nice ooi-waza, because trying to be fastest and stuff would have certanily knocked me out. I managed to complete the session, which was my most important aim for today and handling the shinai felt good, too. Other than that I still stick with my aims of last session.

PS: Oversleeping worked like that: I woke up thinking, why didn’t the alarm go off? I looked at the clock on my mobile – 5:10 – still 20 minutes to sleep! While turning around and pulling my blanket tight around my soulders, I realised that it was waaaaaaay to bright for 5:10. So another glance at the clock revealed: it was 8:10! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! I jumped out of bed, swaering at the alarm that didn’t go off and went into the bathroom to shower. I collected my towels and they were dripping fucking wet! So this is my assumption: I got up at 5:30, switched off the alarm clock, took a shower and went back to bed. Anyways, I had to shower again, because I had to wash my hair *sigh* Showed up at work at half past 9. Waaaaaay to late 😦

Kendo Training 01-13

I went to kendo training yesterday. Yay! Second session out of two!

We did very nice basics training. Ôi waza und chîsai waza. I really liked the practice for the chîsai waza, because mine are really messed up. I have to do a lot more training on that. I also had some very nice jigeiko at the end of the training session. Sadly we didn’t do any kirikaeshi 😦


  • practice chîsai waza (hana ga mienai men)
  • be fucking more relaxed (my shoulder actually are, now I am stiffening my upper arms and back *gnarf*)
  • move the mono-utchi faster and have the shinai’s tip describing a large circle (like I was doing Iaido) (aim for the FAAAAAR furture: making a shinai do *swoosh*)
  • Nihon kendo kata, sanponme: as shidachi I most often get the attack wrong

What I liked:

  • I really had some good moments in jigeiko and used them pretty well (men utchi sounding *pock*: bright and clear *YAY*)#
  • Nihon kendo kata, sanponme: getting uchidachi right 😀

Bruise count:

  • 2 visible ones on my lower right arm, one on the outside slightly above the kote and one on the inside
  • one invisible bruise on my lower right arm, that hurts like fuck

So my main point for the weeks to come will be doing chîsai waza and ôi waza correctly.

PS: I have to repair my shinai over the weekend!

Kendo Training

My new year resolution: take part in kendo training regularly.

Yesterday I went to training, and it went quite well. At least I wasn’t as exhausted as expected. I have to practise Kihon Kendo Kata. That stuff feels so strange when done with a bokuto. Would be much more fun with Shinai and Bogu.

Still on the to do list: strike faster and smaller.

I’ll try to update on every training, so I can write down, what I think I should concentrate on.