Christmas Ball 2010

Gestern abend war ich auf dem Christmas Ball 2010. Das Lineup war verlockend und es war in der Tat eine schöne Veranstaltung, um Weihnachten ausklingen zu lassen.

Den Anfang machten Faderhead.

Ganz nett – aber irgendwie nicht so wirklich Musik zum abgehen. Es waren zwar einige richtig gute Stücke dazwischen, aber insgesamt wars durchwachsen. Mir gefällt aber auch nicht so gut, wenn auf der Bühne nur einer am Mac steht und einer rumläuft. Trotzdem eine nette Einstimmung – kann man auf nem Festival oder als Vorband gefahrlos mitnehmen.

Danach kam Agonoize.

Aufgrund des restlichen Lineups leider sehr früh – aber sie haben trotzdem gerockt. Leider leider leider haben sie einen meiner Lieblinge – “Blut, Sex, Tod” nicht gespielt. Aber das Set ging trotzdem ab. Es wurde auch wieder mit Körperersatzflüssigkeiten gespielt, nur die Tänzerin(?) war leider nicht mit dabei. Wie lange muss man eigentlich duschen, um das Zeug wieder runterzubekommen?

Als drittes Laibach.

Ja was soll ich sagen, außer WHAT THE FUCK?!? Schwach angefangen und am Ende ein oder zwei tanzbare Stücke. Aber sonst? Never ever again. Wirklich nicht. Nope. Selbst auf nem Festival würde ich mir das stark überlegen. Dann nur, wenn die Bands danach geil sind und ich vorne stehen will oder so. Die waren echt grottig 😦

Vorletzte Band: Project Pitchfork.

Ich hab da – finde ich – einen richtig genialen Schnappschuss gemacht. 🙂 Das Set erschien mir insgesamt ein wenig ruhiger als die letzten Auftritte, die ich von den Pitchies gesehen hab – aber vielleicht war es nach Laibach auch einfach schwer die Halle wieder in Gang zu bekommen. Mir hats in jedem Fall gefallen.

Und zum Schluss And One.

Ja mei war des geil. Das ging ja mal richtig ab. Die will ich in jedem Fall wieder sehen!

Was gibts sonst noch zu erzählen? Ich bin heute früh mal wieder quer durch Hannover gelaufen, weil Sonntag auf Montag keine Bahnen mehr fahren – nächstes Mal mit dem Fahrrad. Und ich hätte gern ne vernünftige Digitalknipse und nicht nur die olle Handykamera, dann wären nämlich die Bilder besser.


Hörsturz in Mittelerde

I haven’t been out a lot recently. Moving to a new city, having to go out alone – I didn’t feel like dressing up if a very special person couldn’t see me.

But last Friday, I went to a local club, because the party theme has made me very curious: “hearing loss in middle earth”. It was a quite awesome mix of electronic music and medieval music. Two DJs played  four songs alternating between the two styles. As I like both, I spent a whole night dancing. *YAY*

The only not-nice thing: some guy tried to hit on me. Asking me stupid things about the club or whatever. He came, asked a question and went his way – and I always hoped it was the last question he asked. When he finally, asked me to come to his place, I answered rather sharply and he did not annoy me any more.

All in all: a very nice night out.

Feuerschwanz – Metvernichter

Since the “Winternacht der Spielleute” I have been listening to Feuerschwanz for the most part of the day. So I had to get one of their albums. “Metvernichter” was the only one availabe at the local $chainstore.

Well the album surely isn’t the greatest album on earth, but it was what I expected, so no regrets here. By the way: I think Feuerschwanz are to medieval rock music what JBO is to metal (and both bands are from Erlangen 😀 ). They play fun music which is really good for partying. So the fast rock songs are really great and make me hobble along on my chair, but they lack in the ballads. That’s ok for me, because for me Feuerschwanz make party music, that’s what I bought the album for. Really great for having fun time – although being stone cold sober – and great to “sing along” ^^

Everybody now:

Met! – MET!
Met! – MET!
Metvernichter! – METVERNICHTER!
Metvernichter! – METVERNICHTER!

(just like seeing them live on stage *gg*)

Unheilig – Große Freiheit

I bought a new CD today: “Große Freiheit” the latest album by Unheilig. Two word? Fucking Awesome!

The CD centers around the sea and freedom at sea. A wonderful topic, espescially as I love the sea. Being at or on sea is the only place where I truly feel free, and with all songs centering around this, the album strikes a very special chord within me. (Hand me some tissue, will you?)

(It became a monster post – please click more…)

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve

I spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve with Mr Nicolaus: more than a week for the two of us. Perfect! Well almost: we spent the time either at his or my parents’ house, so we had to take part in social events like having dinner together or sitting and talking. But that was okay. In return we were stuffed with the most delicious dishes and Christmas cookies!

On the 24th we went to Mr Nicolaus’ grandpa and had sausages, sauerkraut, potato dumplings and ginger bread sauce – sounds strange? Indeed! But it really is very delicious. It is a traditional dish from Silesia. Ans I am really looking forward to eating it again. $grandpa was really happy that I liked the food he had prepared. 😀

We celebrated at Mr Nicolaus parents home in the evening. It was really cool. We handed presents to one another and obvously nobody was given junk and everybody was happy. I gave Mr Nicolaus a medium sized cuddly elephant, which he named ‘Elli’. I was so happy, he liked my gift. I had spent a horrible Saturday out in town, looking for a gift for him. Five hours of pre-Christmas shopping are clearly to much for me! I got a special edition box of Agonoize latest album. Totally cool!

On 25th we decided to go to the Dark Storm Festival in Chemnitz.:

  • The opener (Felsenreich or the like) was crap. Totally. Really. Five people or six people standing onstage as if they don’t belong there and most certainly don’t know each other. The female singerwas  to low, the guitar and bass player were completely stationary, the male singer marched around in circles, but the drummer partied like it was the last time in his life. Very strange experience…
  • Eisheilg were good, but this type of very slow metal-something-music is simply not my favourite. But I really liked their lyrics, as far as I could understand the front man. Very political lyrics. Very nice.
  • Letzte Instanz rocked. Anything to mention? In one song, the violin player had pyros attached to the tip of the bow. That was totally awesome! I wish I could play like him.
  • Eisregenbrecher were next. Basically the music is cool. But the singer is enerving, and the lead guitar player looks like a freaking grinning zombie… stil. And they should have played before Letzte Instanz, because I didn’t really feel like partying. LI were so much better!
  • Most difficult decision of the evening: ASP or Agonoize? Well, we had ASP twice this year, so we went to see Agonoize. We stood at the back on a podest or something like that, so we could see everyting. And it was soooooo cool. Well, I wouldn’t want to stand in the first few rows, because the “singer” spattered the audience with fake blood and fake cum. But they were incredible! Really cool.

After that we drove the remaining 400km to visit my parents, where we stayed until Jan. 2nd. I don’t need to say that we were spoiled by my parents as much as by his.

On New Year’s Eve we started the evening with the 3sat concert day. 3sat airs concert videos the whole day – 1hour per artist. We watched Jacko, Tina Turner(goddess!!!) and Pink. Then we had raclette and Krapfen. And at midnight we watched the surrounding cities’ fireworks. We didn’t need any of our own.

I really enjoyed this time very much. After seeing Mr Nicolaus only on the weekends, it was really cool to spend such a long time with him!

Rock Harz 2009 Day 01 – July 9th

Well, after we arrived at Ballensted airfield we found, that things were already quite chaotic. The roadies who were showing you were to park and set up your tent were telling everyone just to look for some space to stay – and that’s it. The camping site looked exactly like that: People started parking every where, for some there was no way to get out – neither for emergency services to get in. But Mr Nicolaus and I found ourselves a nice place from which we could even leave early, should we want to. The weather was nice and so were our neighbours. Very good start.

The first day was fun metal day. Well. Maybe. At first two newcomer bands played, the first was nice, the second was crap.

The Fiddler’s Green entered the stage. Their music is somewhere along the lines of Irish-folk-punk, and I didn’t expect too much, since I never found anything I liked along their songs. But I have to say: on stage they were really great! They even made the crowd do a wall of death and a circle pit around the technician’s tower while playing an accoustic song! No, I didn’t take part because I am not into pogo and anything that’s alike. But it was fun to watch!

While Mr Nicolaus and I got something to eat from the car, the Schröders started playing, and I really regret, that we missed most of their performance. They were really great – and unfortunately this gig was part of their farewell tour. I really had problems getting “Frösche weinen nicht” out of my head. A song about being a metal parent was also really cool. I am still looking for that one.

Next were EAV – Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung. They really were out of place. They did their best, enjoyed their time, but I don’t want to see them live ever again. They simply do not fit on a metal festival. They played most of their old ‘hits’. But they didn’t really reach the more or less sober part of the crowd, those drunken enough were even partying in front of an empty stage. 😉

Last act for the day were J.B.O. I really looked forward to seeing them live on stage. And the sow was sooooo great! I even wore a pink t-shirt! But it was too cold to show. They played lots of their old hits, and the crowd happily partied alon! Cheering and singing and answering every “Danke Rock Harz!” with a “Bitte Vito!” (or “Bitte Hannes!” but that was rather complicated on first try 😀 ). And they played “Verteidiger des wahren Blödsinns” which I soooooo love.

All in all great first day.

PS: I am far to lasy today to look up all the band’s homepages. Just ask uncle google 😉

Zita Rock 2009 – June 13th

Mr Nicolaus and I went to the Zita Rock festival 2009. I had been looking foward to it since I had to leave the Pitchies show during the WGT early, because the bass made me sick. This day’s line up was

  • Tanzwut
  • Zeraphine
  • Diary of Dreams
  • Oomph!
  • Project Pitchfork
  • Unheilig

No matter what the day would be like, the line-up promised a great party – and I wasn’t disappointed on that point. Continue reading