Kendo Training 01-25

So much for new year resolutions! Last week I didn’t even join one training session. On Monday I was barely able to stand up straight due to being female and on Wednesday I horribly overslept and stayed late at work. Damnit.

But today, today I went to training. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well at all. I started feeling very sick during changing, but still didn’t want to skip training. I know – I am asking for something bad to happen. – So after the second round of kiri-kaeshi, I had to stop, because I could barely stand: I felt like I had to puke, I was shaking and had a gray tunnel closing in on me. Leckily I neither vomited nor collapsed, but I had to pause. After pausing I joined practice again – but I didn’t put on my men again. I still wonder why I feel so sick. Maybe I ate something wrong.

After re-joining practice I concentrated on doing nice ooi-waza, because trying to be fastest and stuff would have certanily knocked me out. I managed to complete the session, which was my most important aim for today and handling the shinai felt good, too. Other than that I still stick with my aims of last session.

PS: Oversleeping worked like that: I woke up thinking, why didn’t the alarm go off? I looked at the clock on my mobile – 5:10 – still 20 minutes to sleep! While turning around and pulling my blanket tight around my soulders, I realised that it was waaaaaaay to bright for 5:10. So another glance at the clock revealed: it was 8:10! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! I jumped out of bed, swaering at the alarm that didn’t go off and went into the bathroom to shower. I collected my towels and they were dripping fucking wet! So this is my assumption: I got up at 5:30, switched off the alarm clock, took a shower and went back to bed. Anyways, I had to shower again, because I had to wash my hair *sigh* Showed up at work at half past 9. Waaaaaay to late 😦


Football Cup

On Saturday a football cup for hobby teams from Hannover municipal authorities took place. I took place with a team of the voluntary firefighters.

Three weeks ago, while practicing iaido, my colleagues at the firefighters asked me, whether I wanted to join their football team. Actually, I have never been in a football team all my life, the last time I played may have been 15 years ago and I don’t own any useful equipment – let alone shoes. So three weeks ago I joined them and played barefooted and in my iaido attire. And it was fun! Really! I was told I had feet of steel 😀 .

On Saturday, we joined the football cup. There were 24 teams in four groups. Frankly, we lost all of our games making last place in our groop. But we had fun and we even managed to score a goal! It was really awesome and a day well spent, and we were lucky, that none of our opponents was rough 🙂 . I really enjoyed my time.

Breathe again

I can breathe again! Finally no pain when doing anything with my lungs! *YAY* I am almost back to life! Now could my legs and stomach muscles please stop hurting, too? Thank you, pals!

I’ll try iaido practice tonight and kendo practice tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t hurt as much.

I will survive!

This weekend was rather stressful: Halloween parties, kendo seminar cooking with for friends…. Well, let’s start from the beginning:

Friday was Halloween, so time for having some fun, going out to a party or something… But on Saturday and Sunday I had a kendo seminar – and I haven’t been to training for months. It was a really difficult decision: should I go out partying, while I know the senseis would most probably do anything to make us crawl out of the dojo the next day? I had already cancelled the party I had been invited to, because I didn’t want to dress up, just to sit around at a party at a friends one-room-flat all night. I simply do not consider this fun. So in the end I was a good kendo player and went to bed early. Continue reading