Feuerschwanz – Metvernichter

Since the “Winternacht der Spielleute” I have been listening to Feuerschwanz for the most part of the day. So I had to get one of their albums. “Metvernichter” was the only one availabe at the local $chainstore.

Well the album surely isn’t the greatest album on earth, but it was what I expected, so no regrets here. By the way: I think Feuerschwanz are to medieval rock music what JBO is to metal (and both bands are from Erlangen ­čśÇ ). They play fun music which is really good for partying. So the fast rock songs are really great and make me hobble along on my chair, but they lack in the ballads. That’s ok for me, because for me Feuerschwanz make party music, that’s what I bought the album for. Really great for having fun time – although being stone cold sober – and great to “sing along” ^^

Everybody now:

Met! – MET!
Met! – MET!
Metvernichter! – METVERNICHTER!
Metvernichter! – METVERNICHTER!

(just like seeing them live on stage *gg*)


WGT Day5 09-06-01

*My appologies I am behind on posts again…*

So this would be the last day of this great festival. I really was a little sad, but also rather exhausted. My feet were hurting, even if I did not stand or walk – so finally it was time, the festival ended. For this day planning was easy: All bands at the AGRA would be playing more or less medieval music with some quite big names to it – so we would be there as we both love this kind of music. The weather wasn’t too nice, so it was easy for us to go inside early and not leave again until late at night.

The first band to play were The Moon and The Nightspirit, a band from Hungary. The feature a violine along with the usual set of guitars and drums and the violin player (she) and the guitaris (he) share in singing. The music is really nice and comfortable, despite she seems to be singing lots of┬á “lalala” stuff instead of actual lyrics and he growling a lot (a combination which I do not always like), but the sound pleasant anyway. Maybe the female singer actually had text to sing, but I didn’t get it because I do not speak┬á Magyar. Their songs are based on Magyar legends and the band dresses up accordingly. The violinist -for example – looked like some elf or druid wearing a floor-long hooded dress made from green velvet, the men’s clothing looking more like clan warriors. Their performance was really nice, but nothing I would buy on CD, but if I saw them at a festival, I wouldn’t want to miss them. Continue reading