Hörsturz in Mittelerde

I haven’t been out a lot recently. Moving to a new city, having to go out alone – I didn’t feel like dressing up if a very special person couldn’t see me.

But last Friday, I went to a local club, because the party theme has made me very curious: “hearing loss in middle earth”. It was a quite awesome mix of electronic music and medieval music. Two DJs played  four songs alternating between the two styles. As I like both, I spent a whole night dancing. *YAY*

The only not-nice thing: some guy tried to hit on me. Asking me stupid things about the club or whatever. He came, asked a question and went his way – and I always hoped it was the last question he asked. When he finally, asked me to come to his place, I answered rather sharply and he did not annoy me any more.

All in all: a very nice night out.


Feuerschwanz – Metvernichter

Since the “Winternacht der Spielleute” I have been listening to Feuerschwanz for the most part of the day. So I had to get one of their albums. “Metvernichter” was the only one availabe at the local $chainstore.

Well the album surely isn’t the greatest album on earth, but it was what I expected, so no regrets here. By the way: I think Feuerschwanz are to medieval rock music what JBO is to metal (and both bands are from Erlangen 😀 ). They play fun music which is really good for partying. So the fast rock songs are really great and make me hobble along on my chair, but they lack in the ballads. That’s ok for me, because for me Feuerschwanz make party music, that’s what I bought the album for. Really great for having fun time – although being stone cold sober – and great to “sing along” ^^

Everybody now:

Met! – MET!
Met! – MET!
Metvernichter! – METVERNICHTER!
Metvernichter! – METVERNICHTER!

(just like seeing them live on stage *gg*)

Unheilig – Große Freiheit

I bought a new CD today: “Große Freiheit” the latest album by Unheilig. Two word? Fucking Awesome!

The CD centers around the sea and freedom at sea. A wonderful topic, espescially as I love the sea. Being at or on sea is the only place where I truly feel free, and with all songs centering around this, the album strikes a very special chord within me. (Hand me some tissue, will you?)

(It became a monster post – please click more…)

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Rock Harz 2009 Day 01 – July 9th

Well, after we arrived at Ballensted airfield we found, that things were already quite chaotic. The roadies who were showing you were to park and set up your tent were telling everyone just to look for some space to stay – and that’s it. The camping site looked exactly like that: People started parking every where, for some there was no way to get out – neither for emergency services to get in. But Mr Nicolaus and I found ourselves a nice place from which we could even leave early, should we want to. The weather was nice and so were our neighbours. Very good start.

The first day was fun metal day. Well. Maybe. At first two newcomer bands played, the first was nice, the second was crap.

The Fiddler’s Green entered the stage. Their music is somewhere along the lines of Irish-folk-punk, and I didn’t expect too much, since I never found anything I liked along their songs. But I have to say: on stage they were really great! They even made the crowd do a wall of death and a circle pit around the technician’s tower while playing an accoustic song! No, I didn’t take part because I am not into pogo and anything that’s alike. But it was fun to watch!

While Mr Nicolaus and I got something to eat from the car, the Schröders started playing, and I really regret, that we missed most of their performance. They were really great – and unfortunately this gig was part of their farewell tour. I really had problems getting “Frösche weinen nicht” out of my head. A song about being a metal parent was also really cool. I am still looking for that one.

Next were EAV – Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung. They really were out of place. They did their best, enjoyed their time, but I don’t want to see them live ever again. They simply do not fit on a metal festival. They played most of their old ‘hits’. But they didn’t really reach the more or less sober part of the crowd, those drunken enough were even partying in front of an empty stage. 😉

Last act for the day were J.B.O. I really looked forward to seeing them live on stage. And the sow was sooooo great! I even wore a pink t-shirt! But it was too cold to show. They played lots of their old hits, and the crowd happily partied alon! Cheering and singing and answering every “Danke Rock Harz!” with a “Bitte Vito!” (or “Bitte Hannes!” but that was rather complicated on first try 😀 ). And they played “Verteidiger des wahren Blödsinns” which I soooooo love.

All in all great first day.

PS: I am far to lasy today to look up all the band’s homepages. Just ask uncle google 😉

VNV Nation + Guests, Hannover

Yesterday night I went to the VNV Nation concert at the Capitol in Hannover. As special guests Rotersand and Frozen Plasma were expected. The Capitol is an old cinema which has been converted into a place for live concerts and  parties. There is still a balcony, which can be used as well and the floor is made from wood, which is very comfortable for your feet. I really like the flair of the location.

Because the A37 it closed completely from the cross A37/A2 my navigational system and I got into some heavy dispute about which route to take, so I ended up driving around the city of Hannover for close to 45 minutes. It took me quite some time to figure out how to stop the fucking little piece of annoying hardware from trying to get me back on the closed road. (They seem to be renovating a bridge…) So I missed the first act of the evening and arrived when Rotersand were already half through their set list. Still they were really nice, the atmosphere was great – it was a great party and I even knew some songs! Their show was full of energy and the had a DJ on stage so most songs came with a new sound for me.

Next were VNV Nation. What could you say? Maybe just use Ronan’s own words: “Das ist einfach wunderbar!” After the first song the crowd was cheering for some minutes and you could see that the musicians on stage were taken by surprise completely. From the first few chords to the last unanswered calls for an enchore (unfortunately everybody wants to call it a day at some point) the concert was one great party. People were dancing and singing along during the songs and frenetically cheered for the band on stage and singing a melody line from the song “Perpetual”  (du-du-duu-dudududu) –  so when they ended their concert with this song the crowd was going crazy.

Seeing the expression on the musicians faces and the sparkling in their eyes during the show, I am quite sure, they enjoyed it as much as the audience.

A little annoying was one person, who seemed to take a video of the whole concert, which in turn made Ronan quite angry. Twice he demanded that guy to stop – maybe he did, maybe he didn’t – I don’t know. The guy was on the balcony.

After the concert, I went to the aftershow party at Dark Star club. The party was really nice. And the DJ was really good. He played EBM – electronic sounds whatever stuff and had a really nice playlist. The club itself is rather strange – I don’t know if I like it, yet. On the one hand it is decorated like a spaceship, with alien figures and metal and mirrors and the like and on the other hand it just looks like a plain entrance hall of a former business building which has been converted into a dance club. Strange combination and a very small club, too.

After the concert I noticed that there was not one single piece of Frozen Plasma merchandise but Solar Fake instead… Please don’t tell me I missed Solar Fake. Please.

I would really very much like to know how Ronan and the whole band would describe the Hannover show from their point of view. Really. VERY VERY MUCH. *curious* ^_^

Wer Wind sät

The new Saltatio Mortis album is out! *YAY!*

It plainly fucking rocks! For all those, who don’t want to or can’t buy it: go here and listen to there songs. And if you think they are really great (as I do), go here and tell them and buy their album! (Downloading is a stealing! *hrmph* )

My current favs are: Ebenbild and Salome. For Ebenbild there is an official video on youtube.

WGT Day5 09-06-01

*My appologies I am behind on posts again…*

So this would be the last day of this great festival. I really was a little sad, but also rather exhausted. My feet were hurting, even if I did not stand or walk – so finally it was time, the festival ended. For this day planning was easy: All bands at the AGRA would be playing more or less medieval music with some quite big names to it – so we would be there as we both love this kind of music. The weather wasn’t too nice, so it was easy for us to go inside early and not leave again until late at night.

The first band to play were The Moon and The Nightspirit, a band from Hungary. The feature a violine along with the usual set of guitars and drums and the violin player (she) and the guitaris (he) share in singing. The music is really nice and comfortable, despite she seems to be singing lots of  “lalala” stuff instead of actual lyrics and he growling a lot (a combination which I do not always like), but the sound pleasant anyway. Maybe the female singer actually had text to sing, but I didn’t get it because I do not speak  Magyar. Their songs are based on Magyar legends and the band dresses up accordingly. The violinist -for example – looked like some elf or druid wearing a floor-long hooded dress made from green velvet, the men’s clothing looking more like clan warriors. Their performance was really nice, but nothing I would buy on CD, but if I saw them at a festival, I wouldn’t want to miss them. Continue reading