Hörsturz in Mittelerde

I haven’t been out a lot recently. Moving to a new city, having to go out alone – I didn’t feel like dressing up if a very special person couldn’t see me.

But last Friday, I went to a local club, because the party theme has made me very curious: “hearing loss in middle earth”. It was a quite awesome mix of electronic music and medieval music. Two DJs played  four songs alternating between the two styles. As I like both, I spent a whole night dancing. *YAY*

The only not-nice thing: some guy tried to hit on me. Asking me stupid things about the club or whatever. He came, asked a question and went his way – and I always hoped it was the last question he asked. When he finally, asked me to come to his place, I answered rather sharply and he did not annoy me any more.

All in all: a very nice night out.


White Christmas

staff party!

When I woke up on Friday about 5cm of snow were covering Hannover. As I didn’t look out of the window I only realised that, when I left for work. Nice. I was totally not clothed for snow, so I headed up the stairs and changed. It snowed all day long, so currently Hannover is Winter-Wonderland!

Friday night our Christmas staff party took place. With all the snow outside a wonderful setting. Still we stayed inside in our cozy building. Even though meteorologists say, there won’t be a white Christmas, I at least had a kind of white Christmas! (Meteorologists are poor sports!! 😛 And I don’t really believe them, as it is still freezing fucking cold outside.)

At our party, we had a nice buffet – the warm stuff ordered from a catering service and salads and desserts provided by the colleagues, cookies and nuts and oranges and our boss read some Christmasstories, which were really funny. We also had Feuerzangenbowle. Although I really have a very low tolerance for alcohol, I like that special drink. See, people often claim “the last <alocholic drink> was spiked/bad/ whatever”, for me it would be “the first…”. I usually have only a very little bit of Feuerzangenbowle  into a cup and fill up with orange juice, I also drink lots of non-alcoholic drinks during the evening, so I won’t feel bad. Didn’t work on Friday night. Initially, I felt quite alright, but after I came home, I started to get stomache ache and felt generally very unwell, which lasted well into Saturday. So being – as far as I know – very very European, could I please get some more European-like alcohol tolerance?

VNV Nation + Guests, Hannover

Yesterday night I went to the VNV Nation concert at the Capitol in Hannover. As special guests Rotersand and Frozen Plasma were expected. The Capitol is an old cinema which has been converted into a place for live concerts and  parties. There is still a balcony, which can be used as well and the floor is made from wood, which is very comfortable for your feet. I really like the flair of the location.

Because the A37 it closed completely from the cross A37/A2 my navigational system and I got into some heavy dispute about which route to take, so I ended up driving around the city of Hannover for close to 45 minutes. It took me quite some time to figure out how to stop the fucking little piece of annoying hardware from trying to get me back on the closed road. (They seem to be renovating a bridge…) So I missed the first act of the evening and arrived when Rotersand were already half through their set list. Still they were really nice, the atmosphere was great – it was a great party and I even knew some songs! Their show was full of energy and the had a DJ on stage so most songs came with a new sound for me.

Next were VNV Nation. What could you say? Maybe just use Ronan’s own words: “Das ist einfach wunderbar!” After the first song the crowd was cheering for some minutes and you could see that the musicians on stage were taken by surprise completely. From the first few chords to the last unanswered calls for an enchore (unfortunately everybody wants to call it a day at some point) the concert was one great party. People were dancing and singing along during the songs and frenetically cheered for the band on stage and singing a melody line from the song “Perpetual”  (du-du-duu-dudududu) –  so when they ended their concert with this song the crowd was going crazy.

Seeing the expression on the musicians faces and the sparkling in their eyes during the show, I am quite sure, they enjoyed it as much as the audience.

A little annoying was one person, who seemed to take a video of the whole concert, which in turn made Ronan quite angry. Twice he demanded that guy to stop – maybe he did, maybe he didn’t – I don’t know. The guy was on the balcony.

After the concert, I went to the aftershow party at Dark Star club. The party was really nice. And the DJ was really good. He played EBM – electronic sounds whatever stuff and had a really nice playlist. The club itself is rather strange – I don’t know if I like it, yet. On the one hand it is decorated like a spaceship, with alien figures and metal and mirrors and the like and on the other hand it just looks like a plain entrance hall of a former business building which has been converted into a dance club. Strange combination and a very small club, too.

After the concert I noticed that there was not one single piece of Frozen Plasma merchandise but Solar Fake instead… Please don’t tell me I missed Solar Fake. Please.

I would really very much like to know how Ronan and the whole band would describe the Hannover show from their point of view. Really. VERY VERY MUCH. *curious* ^_^

WGT Day4 09-05-31

Fourth day of the WGT and of our wonderful almost-all-inclusive vacation in Leipzig. We were invited for lunch and as we were out on events for most of the day Mrs Nice let us decide the time! She’s a really great cook. Lunch was delicious!

Afterwards we went to the Agra again as we had much more time than the last day. We visited the different stalls and looked for clothes or other items we liked. And Mr Nicolaus persuaded me to try on some of the corsetts offered. I didn’t want to because I knew, I could never affort one. I did try some – anyway.

I found the first corset I liked at Heresey’s(beware – it’s pink!). It was not for figure forming but metal-boned and made from a beautiful red fabric with Asian pattern. (Unfortunately, I cannot link to the corset directly, but if you visit their/her webpage look under shaped top and you can find a blue version of the corset I tried.) First problem: Continue reading

Mittelalter Party

Mr Nicolaus and I went to the Mittelalter Party at – well – the biggest club playing our music round here. On the main floor would be medieval rock – that is rock music with medieval elements and instruments and stuff. We both like it. very. much.

But we were early, so we could park near the club. Not. Unfortunately, there were lots of big events in the other clubs so we had to walk a little farther than we planned. But we are nice and do not park where it is not allowed. Just in case. You wouldn’t want to risk a parking ticket on a night out, would you?

Being early also means, you have to sit through the DJs chill out music. He’s quite convinced, that dancing should not take place before some certain time. So the music is not too loud and he tends to play songs that are nice to listen to, but too slow to really dance. I think, yesterday he played just some album. I hate it when he does that. He started the dance with a fucking long version of some song called “Palästinalied”. It felt like 15 minutes, it was veeeeeeery slow – so only slow-mo dancing possible. I was kind of pissed. Anyway, I had to look out for some guy cald in leather and leather amour parts, because he was swinging his drinking horn and had cleary had too much booze already.

Then the fun part started: there are really lots of hits available in this sector and lots of different bands – and Mr DJ put us through almost all of them. Almost no slow songs in between, just fast rock – we danced for over two hours before we settled down at the bar for some drinks. Actually just water, because we were sweating like hell. Everything else would have been so totally fucking inappropriate. Those two hours were really fun – especially when people tried to go smokin and they just stayed, exclaiming “NO! I can’t go, because of this song!”. 😀 Not smoking fucking rocks!

People were really great last night. Most people on the medieval floor were cleary fans of this music and the rest – well, they just partied along. So there was just a huge crowd dancing there hearts out, singing along with the music, bouncing, spinning – just giving everybody a really great time, who went along.

We left at shortly before three o’clock in the morning because I was so totally wasted. (No alcohol for me – just more like feeling sooooo very close to collapsing because your system is strained a little very much. Plus stomach sending strange messages that could either indicate imminent return of  its contents or plain hunger)

Strangest thing of last night: I met my student’s thesis supervisor last night. I did not know he liked that music and I did not think I would _ever_ meet him in this club. Dancing and stuff. Should I feel old now? 😉

Lessons learned? Yupp, don’t fucking restrain myself to one meal a day (not even because I am still fucking nervous) and go out to dance like some kind of maniac. Stomach protests that. Legs too. Feet will equally join in.

Rammstein Party Vol. 2

(Kein Bock auf englisch, darum deutsch)

Gestern war wieder Rammstein Party in $großerClub. Nun hab ich ja wegen der letzten Rammstein Party keine all zu großen Erwartungen an den Abend gehabt. Nicht nur das, da der $große Club bei meinem letzten Besuch aber mal sowas von schweinekalt war, dass ich morgens um 2 schon nach Hause bin, habe ich wirklich lange überlegt, ob ich gehen soll. Und nachdem ich dann beschlossen hatte, dass ich gehe, hab ich nochmal ewig überlegt, was ich den wohl am besten anziehe *gg* Hach ja, Frauen und Klamotten, nech 😉

Um es gleich mal vorne weg zu nehmen: der Abend war genial, ich hab fast bis um fünf Uhr heute früh durchgetanzt – bis auf ein paar Stücke von Eisregen(?) keine Ahnung, welche Band das war, irgendson Death Metal Zeugs mit deutschen Texten, das mich von den Inhalten sehr an Eisregen erinnert, und dazu tanz ich einfach mal nicht gerne. Aber war zum Glück immer nur ein Stück, so dass ich mich in der Zeit mit Cola oder Wasser verpflegen konnte.

Heute maul ich auch mal nur wenig über den DJ (war immerhin der gleiche wie letztes Mal): aufgelegt hat er richtig klasse, aber dass er unbedingt drinnen rauchen muss? Kann er nicht einfach nen 10min-Song auflegen und rausgehen, wie alle anderen auch? Oder gibts vielleicht die Möglichkeit, mehrere Lieder in eine Art Queue zu stecken, so dass er dann entsprechend Zeit hat, seinem Laster zu fröhnen? Natürlich stört ein einzelner Raucher nicht soooo sehr, aber komisch find ichs schon. Grade die angestellten des $großenClubs sollten doch bedacht darauf sein, dass sie sich an die geltenden Gesetze halten. Vielleicht kriegt er das ja beim nächsten Mal dann alles hin 😉 Und er ist Schuld daran, dass grad in meinem Kopf “Sonne”, “Du riechst so gut” und “Moskau” in Endlosschleife laufen – und ich hab doch nur letzteren Song 😦

Was mir auch sehr gefallen hat: ich bin beim Tanzen quasi von einer Gruppe Leute adoptiert worden. Hat sich einfach so ergeben irgendwie. So hatte ich noch mehr Spass beim Tanzen und die Frust Pizza mit anschließendem Cola-Rausch ist ziemlich sicher wieder von den Hüften getanzt *gg* Und vielleicht erweitert sich mein Freundeskreis jetzt mal um ein paar Leute, die nicht nur Gothic in verschiedensten Variationen hören, sondern auch freiwillig tanzen. Sollte sich an dieser Stelle jemand angesprochen fühlen: Grüße *gg* *wink*

Last but not least: Mr. Nicolaus war leider nicht mit dabei. *Mennooooo* Seine Anwesenheit hätte den Abend dann perfekt gemacht. Kleiner Wink mit dem Gartenzaun – weil der Zaunpfahl neulich wohl nicht ausreichend war ;-): es ist _MEIN_ Mr. Nicolaus 😉 Fragen diesbezüglich bitte direkt an mich, ich kriegs ja doch mit 😛

Nachtrag: Habsch fast vergessen. Rammstein ist hart und die Texte drehen sich öfters auch um Inzest, Onanie oder einfach nur recht direkt um Sex. Warum müssen Männer beim Tanzen sehr sehr häufig sehr sehr eindeutige Bewegungen zu den entsprechenden Liedern machen? Ich mein, ich finds unterhaltsam, aber ich wüsste doch gerne, warum Männer das machen 😀 Ist auf jeden Fall mal unterhaltsamer, als Gitarrenspielbewegungen 😉 Bleibt auf jeden Fall zu hoffen, dass die das beim Sex nicht auch so machen, weil 4-5 Minuten mit gleichbleibender Frequenz nur wenig unterhaltsam ist 😛 (und bei der Geschwindigkeit einiger Rammstein Lieder vielleicht auch extrem unangenehm, vor allem wenns Männel sich nach den Gitarrenriffs richtet…)

Nachtrag2: (Hab ich vergessen…) Gestern Nacht waren die Leute echt massivst unfähig sich ordentlich an ihren Flaschen festzuhalten. Irgendwann lag so viel Glas auf dem Boden, dass ich das Gefühl hatte, wir waren zum Tanz um den Altglascontainer versammelt… komisch. Vor allem wenns hinter einem klirrt und dann eine junge Dame zu ihrer Freundin meint: “Das ist schon die dritte Flasche heute abend!”