First time with Obi

Today was a very special iaido session for me: I trained with an obi for the first time. And I made the Obi myself last weekend!

It felt really great, the bokuto is not travelling around all the time, but sits firmly on my hip. But now I really have to work on my sayabiki, as I had huge problems to draw my bokuto! The resistance against which I have to move the saya is much bigger than before. Anyway, it is good, I finally made an obi. Next step for now: get a sword. My trainer told me, he would send me some links to sources for swords, so I can start looking for one.

And I am really looking forward to getting a iaito. The my slashes can go “swiff” and “swoosh”, too! (And I don’t have to say “swiff” and “swoosh” anymore 😉 )

Beside that, my trainer is really critisizing alot. Must practice harder then.