WGT Day4 09-05-31

Fourth day of the WGT and of our wonderful almost-all-inclusive vacation in Leipzig. We were invited for lunch and as we were out on events for most of the day Mrs Nice let us decide the time! She’s a really great cook. Lunch was delicious!

Afterwards we went to the Agra again as we had much more time than the last day. We visited the different stalls and looked for clothes or other items we liked. And Mr Nicolaus persuaded me to try on some of the corsetts offered. I didn’t want to because I knew, I could never affort one. I did try some – anyway.

I found the first corset I liked at Heresey’s(beware – it’s pink!). It was not for figure forming but metal-boned and made from a beautiful red fabric with Asian pattern. (Unfortunately, I cannot link to the corset directly, but if you visit their/her webpage look under shaped top and you can find a blue version of the corset I tried.) First problem: Continue reading


WGT Day3 09-05-30

Once again we started our day with going shopping in Leipzig’s inner city. The evening before we had cornered Nice jr. and forced him to tell us what kind of sweets his mother liked. And tadaaaaaa: equipped with the information we found the perfect present in no time. We went home, so we wouldn’t have to carry it all day. Coincidentilly, we met her and gave her our little thank you present – which she didn’t want to accept at first, put we pressed hard enough 😀

As the day was rather rainy, we decided to spend as much time as possible inside and didn’t go to the Mono Inc. and Eisbrecher concerts at Parkbühne. So our first stop was the AGRA fair. Lots of clothing, toys (for grown-ups^^), music labels and stuff. We scanned rather quickly through the stalls and still managed to find some very interesting things, which prompted us to plan another visit. I found some tops I really liked, but unfortunately those were latest collection and far to expensive for me. Mr Nicolaus found a beautiful long skirt. He’s soooo sexy when he wears it – I don’t need to tell, I love men in skirts, do I? – Well in case: it makes me go *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*. I also decided, that I could look for a Continue reading

WGT Day2 09-05-29

We started our day with very tasty marmelade (raspberry and strawberry), which was homemade by Ms Nice. Then we went shopping again. I was considering buying some top, but unfortunately it was sold out in my size.

Afterwards we went to the Heathen Village, a more or less medieval market which is part of the WGT. In 2005 there were only very few traders, who did mot specialise in goods for the medieval or LARP fans. This year it was quite different. On the one hand, the market lost quite a lot of its charm with market stands selling just the typical gothic clothing or dragon statues for decorating one’s home. I like “pure” medieval markets better, with traders selling only medieval style clothing and the like. These traders often play there role quite perfectly in using older German forms of addressing people and use funny words, they made up for contemporary things, eg. calling pocket lighters “pocket dragons”. It’s like a game and it adds much to the magic of medieval markets.  On the other hand, I found an optician who makes glasses frames himselves and offers oddly shaped glasses with those frames. In comparison to standard glasses frames, his are low priced. I didn’t ask, but I believe this will change, if the glasses are supposed to look like a bat’s wings, but I would be really happy to own glasses which fit better into my lifestyle by having little silver spiders on them ( or something like that). If you are interested: have a look! Anyway, I took my time and tried quite a lot of his models. Continue reading

WGT Day1 09-05-28

On Wednesday, May 27th, we drove to Leipzig to meet with a friend of Mr Nicaolaus. We were about to stay at his place for the next 6 nights – and we were really very grateful for that, so we didn’t have to sleep in a tent, had a shower we didn’t have to share and it would be very quite compared to the large WGT camping grounds. What we didn’t know then was: we would have the nicest person on earth caring for our wellbeing: his mother ( I will call her Ms Nice from here and him Nice jr. 😉 ) Ms Nice offered everything to us, which we should possibly need. Food? Just take it from the kitchen. Drinks? Whar do you like? I’ll tell Nice jr to get it from the cellar and put it up for you. Anything else? Just tell me.

On Wednesday we sat on their terrace, with a wonderful view of her garden, chatting about this and that and we were treated with snacks and drinks and were offered supper. We had to decline, as we had already eaten supper at my place. They gave us a room of our own and a key to their house, so we could come and go as we wished. Continue reading