My budgies love basil. In the beginning they didn’t even care to look at it. I was quite disappointed, because in books and forums everybody was like “oh my little luv-birdies luv it”. Mine didn’t care. Yesterday I tried again – and they devoured it. Not a single look to the normal food – just the basil. They even started to bully each other, so they wouldn’t have to share… O.O

My birds are so fucking crazy…


Die Vögel und ich

Meine beiden Wellensittiche sind ja bekanntermaßen auf Diät. Seit gestern ein bißchen weniger als zuvor und ich habe eine neue Maßnahme zur Errichtung eines sozialen Kontakts zwischen mir und meinen beiden süßen Mitbewohner eingeführt: jeden morgen gibt es eine kleine Portion Futter von meiner Hand. Mit den ausgehungerten Federbällen geht das ja prima, inzwischen hopsen die beiden unruhig im Käfig umher, wenn ich morgens komme. Jede Bewegung meiner Hände wird akribisch beobachtet – gleich gibts ja Futter!
Gerade eben habe ich dann einfach mal einen Finger an die Gitter gehalten, ungehfähr auf Höhe der beiden – und was war? Nicht Kiro, der Mutige, der immer probieren muss, bevor sich Ao irgendwo dran traut, sonder Ao kommt und knuspert ein wenig an meinem Finger und dotzt mit seiner Zunge ausgiebig dran rum.
Ich freu mich ja soooo! 😀 *indiehändeklatschundsichganzundgarnichtingenieurmäßigbenehm*

Good News and Bad News

Good news: my budgies sat on my hand voluntarily and for a longer time today.

Bad news: they are on a diet currently, so the prospect of being fed makes them do anything.

Unfortunately I have been a little to generous in feeding my two beloved ones and so they became rather voluminous. So I put them on a strict diet. It seems to work out rather successful, so from next week I will be more generous than the last two weeks – and they won’t come on my hand anymore. -.-

PS: Had a nice weekend, but due to lots of work, it will take some time for me to write about it. So look forward to my next entries (one on work and two on my weekend)

Sing when you’re happy?

Normally my budgies are allowed to fly around in my room, when I clen their cage. Last weekend they did not want to com out. Maybe they didn’t like that their were two human being instead of the usual one (me).

So I let them our today, as I really want them to fly around at least once a week. Up to now they have been sitting in their favourite place for more than 2 hours, looking quite fluffy and they have been singing all the time.  At times as a duett, at times one sang for the other.

I love ’em 🙂

Next Level

The relationship between me and my two budgies moved on to the next level: when I hold food into the cage, they come to my hand. Still, without food my hand is some ‘evil-moster-demon-thing-from hell’, but maybe they will come to step on my hand eventually. I would really very much appreciate it. Currently the only reason for them to sit on my hand is, when they land somewhere in my room, from where they cannot start again. So I give them a ride on my hand. But they start as soon as they see a chance, so last time Kiro( the other is named Ao) crashed directly into my face, because he started rather blindly I would presume. Luckily, he did not hurt himself.

They also learned a trick, which is very annoying: they learned to reproduce he sound of an incoming message in a skype chat. It can be quite annoying, if you have a chat that is rather slow and 90% of the time you believe a new message has arrived, it was your birds. They also make a sound which reminds me of the *iek iek iek* from the flipper series. But they only use it rarely.

For other budgie-owners out there: the first question most people ask on seeing my birds is: “Do they talk?” closely followed by “Can I hold one on my hand?” I can understand the second question, as I would really very much love it, if my sweethearts would sit on my hand, but why do people think budgies have to talk? I would really appreciate comments on that.


I found, my budgies like apples. Really cool because I tried lots of fruits and vegetables and they just ignored everything but apples.

But when they eat apple its more like they massacre the poor piece of apple. After they are finished apple purre is everywhere in their cage. Right now they are walking around on theit cage’s floor and clean up the left overs of this morning’s massacre. Soooooooo cute.

And Kiro is taking a bath in the drinking trough! I love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. How cute is that? 😀

Nieeeeeeeedlich! かわい!