65 Years Ago

… the Allies bombed the city of Dresden in Saxony, Germany.

There’s awfully lot debating going on, which I won’t discuss here, BUT:

every year the Neonazis want to march through Dresden, mourning for the victims of the bombings and calling it a “bomb holocaust”. Similarly every year people gather to demonstrate against the neonazis and their weird and dangerous ideas and against them distorting history.

This year the nazi march through Dresden was prevented by the inhabitants and all people who joined them! I could not take part in this demonstration, but I am truly proud of everyone who braved himself against the weather and drove the neonazis home!

I want to be in Dresden for the demonstration next year!





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Suum quicue – Jedem das Seine

Via Tagesschau.de

“Suum quicue” is the short form of a quote attributed to the Roman philosopher Cato the Elder among others. The orignial version “suum cuique per me uti atque frui licet” translates to “as far as I am concerned, everybody should be able to use and enjoy what he owns” (my free translation as my Latin is a little rusty). Other famous Roman and Greek philosophers and politicians to which this saying is attributed are Plato and Cicero, albeit in a slightly different meaning or use. More information here: in English and in German.

As we all know, in mid 20th century some idiots took over power in Germany and misused the German translation “Jedem das Seine” and put it on the entrance of Buchenwald concentration camp as a cynical message to the prisoners in the camp. To add to this cynicism, it is meant to be readable from within.

Still, “Jedem das Seine” is a German saying, which means, everybody should be happy his way or should do as he thinks. People often use it to point out, they wouldn’t do something in a certain way but still approve of other people doing it like that. For example, if someone likes to put chocolate cream on his cheese sandwich, that would be a perfect case to use this saying. When I grew up, it was used quite often and I did never find people annoyed by it. (For information: my environment has always been very aware of historical facts.) Continue reading

Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste is being transported to Gorleben, and again people are demonstrating against this. (Gorleben is a place in Germany, where this waste is to be kept for… forever? We have the ‘nice’ term Endlager for this)

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand that people don’t want this highly dangerous materials near their homes or loved ones. I can understand perfectly well, because I have relatives near one of those designated locations. I can also understand that people ask for better solutions than just putting that stuff underground and hoping everything will be alright.

But Continue reading