Ok – you want to know how to get me? Give me some technical gadget, I don’t care whether it is hardware or software, whether it is new or older than me – I will play with it. To cut a long story short, I have a twitter account from today (, because maybe that’s something nice.

Just started playing … *happy me* 😀


You know, you worked too much on your electronics thesis…

… if you try to write an email to a friend and you use […] instead of […]
Well, that’s actually not the worst it could possibly get: You don’t understand, why the email is not delivered.

… if you submit a post in a forum in correct latex formatting. – And you are wondering, why it is not displayed correctly.

Hopefully _not_ to be continued 😉

Remark: I wrote this at the beginning of April an forgot to publish it. *narf*

UPDATE: May, 6th, me chatting with my sister – sorry folks, but it only makes sense in German. I wanted to find out whether her new crush is a smoker.
M(e): rauscht das Objekt deiner Begierde auch?
M: -s
S(is): 😀
S: freak

Print to File

Printing documents from the Acrobat Reader can be a real pain in the rear end. My thesis has some pages at the beginning, which do not have page numbers and the Reader simply cannot handle printing those pages correctly.

But I noticed, you could print to file. Cool thing – and for free and without additional software. Nice guys over at Acrobat – at least I thought. Big BUT: the file is a page maker file. Guess what: Software to open this file is not for free – of course.

Thesis update: printing first preliminary version – still a looooooooooong way to go. Anyway, 70+ pages are 70+ pages. Could be worse.

Data security

Data security has to be improved. Yep, I’ll go with that, even if I don’t know exactly what triggered the new improvement ideas for data security. But I’m always fine with improved data security.

My supervisor wanted to show me the wiki page explaining the necessary steps. Guess what?

403 Forbidden

Of course you can also secure data by not giving it to your colleagues! 😀

Made my day!

Word 2007

… or whatever this annoying piece of software is called right now.

I never liked to use programmes associated with the Microsoft Office bundle. When I was a young and naive computer beginner, I started using Open Office. Because it was free. Because somebody said something about open source, which I did not understand, but using it was cool. That was a long time before I discovered the two big Ls (Linux and Latex).

During the last year I had to use Microsoft Word and its colleagues. Why? Because the company I worked for demanded it. So I used it. And because it was pretty close to Open Office I did not have many problems to grow accustomed to it. Most probably it is the other way round: Open Office has its look-and-feel from the pre-2007 versions of Microsoft Office.

So now on my new work pc at university there is this all shiny and glossy new office software. And what should I say? It can be as shine and glossy as it wants – I hate it. It sucks. It does not carry many reminders of its previous versions, besides still being a programme to write texts with.

The GUI has been rearranged completely. Nothing is, where it used to be. Why do people do that? I am by no means a Word-crack. But what about people, who have been using this programme for years? What about them, when even I am soooo pissed and it annoys me so much, I could bite my desk?

This is the thing, which annoyed me most (and which made me use very inappropriate language on my computer):
In Word one can display characters such as spaces and line ends and tabs. Well, once it was a button, which one clicked and everything went fine. It still is a button, but when you click it, it says “I can’t do that because macros have been disabled.” Then it offers help and such stuff. Hellohoooo? Who enables macros on a text document? So you try to find out how to enable macros, right? Right. There’s this nice ‘Help’ button in the message box. So why don’t we have a look there? Good idea, one might think. But obviously someone thought it was great to give a lecture on why macros are dangerous and how they can damage your system. Thank you.

So you start using the Microsoft help system. As long as you are working offline, there’s not much to be found. So you ask for online results – and using the internet explorer (worse than Word!) you have to confirm for every page of the Microsoft online help that you really requested it, because the internet explorer has marked these sites as non trusted! Nice to know, that not even Microsoft products trust their creators.

So for everybody thinking ‘well I don’t need to have tabs displayed – why should I care?’: Printing also requires macros to be switched on.

I’ll have some potatoes with my desk, please. And could somebody hand me some salt? Thanks.

Math Girlfriend

I found this at

<tgr> i told my girlfriend that she’s “math girl, doer of math: unable to integrate with society, only with functions of x”
<tgr> and guys, this is why she’s my girlfriend. she said:
<tgr> “i could do a u substitution…”

😀 Made my day!